Savoring San Francisco: Recipes from the city's neighborhood restaurants

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Celebrating the colorful neighborhoods of San Francisco, this cookbook features recipes from over 100 of the Bay Area’s world-class restaurants.

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Noe you can eat in San Francisco style no matter where you are! Travel only as far as your kitchen to experience the world-renown cuisine of San Francisco. Recipes contributed by nationally-acclaimed chefs include simple ethnic dishes, Asian fusion cuisine, and signature dishes as served in the city’s top-rated restaurants. Unique fresh & light California recipes feature natural and organic ingredients with untold health benefits. Find out why West Coast cuisine is so popular! Packed with photographs, maps and essays detailing local history and the rich cultural diversity of San Francisco. Great for those planning a trip or interested in finding out about popular Bay Area travel destinations! Also includes a fabulous guide to the city’s chic restaurants and hotels. A great way for restaurant lovers to save money while sampling some of the finest cuisine the Bay Area has to offer!


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