Building a Better Restaurant Staff Conflict and Diversity Management Tips

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Is your employee handbook covering enough? Tips on conflict resolution, handling harassment, and how to talk to Millennials.

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Everyone needs structure. It’s how we know what to do next, whether what we did was successful, and helps us work better with others. For businesses large and small, the basics of that structure is epitomized in the employee handbook and through your own management style.
Looking at your management style can seem daunting, and possibly uncomfortable, as it’s hard to recognize strengths and weaknesses in oneself. Gaining that self-awareness and then applying new methods to your management style is challenging in the interim, but worth it in the long run in terms of happier staff — and less stress for you.
Building out a restaurant employee handbook can also seem daunting at first, but getting down to the why, what, and how of it all will make the process smoother and clearer in its importance.
If you run a restaurant that has never had an employee handbook — or has one that is in serious need of updating — there are a few great reasons to keep things up-to-date in the form of a handbook. 


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