Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism

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Người chia sẻ: Thich Tam Pham

Strategic Management in the International Hospitality Industry: content and process, is a vital text for all those studying cutting edge theories and views on strategic management.

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Unlike others textbooks in this area, it goes further than merely contextualising strategic management for hospitality and tourism, and avoids using a prescriptive, or descriptive approach. It looks instead, at the latest in strategic thinking and theories, and provides critical and analytical discussion as to how and if these models and theories can be applied to the industry, within specific contexts such as culture, profit and non-profit organisations. Key features: Cutting edge approach: applies advance and recent strategic management views into tourism and hospitality field. Critical treatment: provides critical discussions about whether and how strategic models/theories can be applied into the hospitality and tourism field. Sensitive to specific contexts: As the tourism and hospitality industry has become one of the largest industries worldwide, discusses how strategic management concepts can be applied in different cultures and profit and non-profit tourism organizations. With supporting case studies related to the strategy content, context and process, from international industries such as Radisson, McDonalds, Carnival Cruiselines and Disney, this text consist of five main sections: introduction, strategy content, strategy context, strategy process and cases. Each of the chapters within these sections has a thorough pedagogic structure consisting of a bulleted introduction, examples and vignettes, discussions points, exercises, case studies and further reading and web sites.


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