Choosing Restaurant Technology That Drives Profit for Your Business

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We walk through what to look for in a new POS system, online reservations, shift scheduling tools, and inventory management systems.

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First and foremost, you need to be true to your brand. If you have a brand where service is your differentiation, be certain any technology you choose is a reflection of your brand values. The quality of your food and service need to remain the main focus for your employees, not your technology.
Second, you have to understand the impact. Are your employees tech savvy? How much training will they need before they feel comfortable using a new system? Is the system you’re thinking about implementing going to cut down on labor hours in some way? Will that change trickle down to the customer experience?
While the bulk of technology options we’ll be discussing in this book are not customer-facing, one key tenet is worth remembering: in any restaurant, you should never completely eliminate a face to face interaction with the customer. Even if a customer pays at a kiosk, make sure they get to see a smiling face when their food is brought out. Technology in restaurants can really help cut down on labor costs, but consumers come to a restaurant not just for food. They come to you for a customer service experience.


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