Hire, Train, Retain, Discipline: Restaurant Management for Success

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Hire, train, retain, discipline – inside tips on how to get the best resource for your restaurant and maintain a healthy bottomline.

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Whoever thought that the secret to opening a restaurant isn’t the food? It’s really about managing people. Restaurant owners must relate to and accommodate all types of people every day — and not just customers. Suppliers, corporate partners, equity partners, accountants. Everyone that touches your business, really.
And above all other responsibilities and relationships, one of the most difficult and important things you have to do as a restaurant operator is build and maintain a staff. These are the people into whose hands you entrust your investment, your assets, and your passion.
Yet, according to the National Restaurant Association, our industry experiences a 66.3 percent turnover rate on average. That means for every three employees you have right now, odds are, you’ll be replacing two of them within a year.
Think about that for a minute. You could be replacing two employees for every one you hold onto.
And it’s not just the disruption that kind of turnover causes in your processes, in the morale of your remaining staff, and for the experience of your diners. Hiring also takes time away from other things that demand your attention as an operator. There’s got to be a better way to keep your business running. 


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