Millennial Employees: How to Effectively Manage the Next Generation

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Insider’s tips on best practices to effectively manage millennials and breaking down tension between workplace generations.

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Today, it seems like everyone is up-in-arms in one way or another about millennials.
Now that they are the majority of the US workforce, employers are looking at how this new generation of employees will change businesses everywhere with much anticipation — and some nervousness.
According to a study conducted by UpWork in 2015, 53 percent of hiring managers across all industries say that it’s difficult to find and retain millennial employees — a challenge already facing the restaurant industry regarding employees of all ages. 
But 66 percent of millennials see themselves in a management position of some sort within ten years (with 28 percent reporting they already are).
This tension between generations and their expectations for the workplace is nothing new, but there are ways to approach your younger staff that can result in better leadership for your restaurant down the line.


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