Restaurant Trends in 2018

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What’s going to be hot — and not — in 2018 with restaurant operations, menu trends, and the state of the industry as a whole.

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First, we’ll look at how different segments of the industry are adjusting to somewhat flat financial circumstances, highlight some concerns to watch out for, and share what some segments are doing to capitalize on what does seem to be working.
Then, we’ll explore the rich expanse of food and menu trends, as restaurant owners, foodies, and chefs continue to embrace international flavors alongside both healthy and indulgent choices.
And lastly, we’ll look at some operational challenges facing restaurants as consumers continue to focus more on eating at home, just as food prices remain low. Transcending this new level of consumer behavior is going to be critical for establishments of all types to break through and increase their traffic in 2018.
Ready to explore everything 2018 has in store for the restaurant industry? 


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