The Secret to Great Restaurant Design

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Update your restaurant design, expand your space, and take your business to the next level with our exclusive restaurant remodeling tips.

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Are you noticing a lack of sparkle in your décor? Do customers yawn at the so-so atmosphere in your dining room?
Does your kitchen staff consistently trip over each other at the same spot? Have certain dishes become more cumbersome to make as they gain in popularity?
These are signs that it’s time for your restaurant to get a facelift.
Renovating a restaurant is always a daunting task, full of stress, reliance on outside vendors, and expense. It’s tempting to say, "We’ll handle that next year, when things are less busy." But waiting to fix a problem until it’s too late to turn it around can be a big mistake for your bottom line.
If your profits could end up being affected by your restaurant’s outdated look, inefficient layout, or aging equipment, the time to act is now. Professionals in the restaurant industry recommend updating a restaurant every 5 to 7 years. Reading customer feedback and taking a careful look at real problems you encounter every day can help determine if an update is needed earlier.
Front of house updates can range from anything as small as purchasing new plates, silverware, or glassware, to upgrades as large as changing out the tables, floors, chairs, and décor. Remodeling your restaurant is not just about making it look good, though. Expanding your space or purchasing new equipment can also make your restaurant more efficient, and an efficient restaurant is the path to maximizing profit. 


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