What's Your Restaurant Brand? How to Develop a Vision for Your Business

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Are you doing all you can to differentiate yourself in the market? We walk through how to build your brand from the ground up.

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When you’re a small, independent restaurant, it can be easy to feel discouraged. After all, if there are big franchises down every block, how can you compete?
The good news is that your restaurant’s status as a small business isn’t a flaw — it’s a feature. 
Researchers at Pentallect Inc. are estimating independent restaurants’ revenue will grow about 5% in the next five years.1 Customers want to frequent restaurants they can trust to have a unique point of view and place within the community. As a result, authenticity should be a core element to your branding and point of view as a business.
It’s true: being a locally-owned, independent restaurant business can actually give you an edge in the market that other restaurants lack — if you manage your brand correctly. 
You can hone that independent edge by following a few simple ideas in defining your core mission and intellectual brand, developing your visual brand identity, keeping it consistent over time, and maintaining that reputation in the toughest market of all: the internet...


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