Belize’s Best Hotels & Restaurants

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BEST HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS IN BELIZE by Lan Sluder concentrates entirely on the two things most travelers find critically important: lodging and food. It rates and reviews the best hotels and restaurants in Belize.

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The book is based on more than a quarter century of banging around Belize by the writer. Lan Sluder, the award-winning author of 18 books and ebooks on Belize, personally has stayed in hundreds of hotels, resorts, inns and lodges in Belize since 1991 and has visited and toured many more. He also has tried nearly every restaurant in Belize. This travel guide rates and reviews 250+ top hotels and 125+ restaurants in all parts of the country and in all price ranges. The best of the best are singled out with special ratings of from one to five hearts. The five-heart spots are truly extraordinary! No matter where you're going in Belize or what your budget is you'll feel prepared to stay and eat at the best possible places.


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