How to be a Hotel Receptionist….

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This book started life as a training manual but quickly grew into something far beyond a basic step by step guide.

Miễn phí
Matt Shiells-Jones was born in Dorset in 1981.  His hospitality career began when he was just 13 in Torquay, Devon where he became employed as a restaurant waiter and porter. 
He quickly learnt to love the hospitality industry and spent many years working in restaurants and as a general assistant before moving to Sheffield.  It was here that Matt worked in contact centres fielding sales and customer service calls.  This allowed him to become a receptionist when he moved to Blackpool due to missing the hotel industry. 
He quickly progressed into Front of House Management and soon became a specialist in his field, dealing with complaints and over bookings without batting an eyelid.  He spent time training new receptionists for several hotels and even spent several years training contact centre advisors in complaint handling and customer management. 
He now resides in Manchester, where he continues to work in Hospitality Management, building on his nearly 20 years of experience. 


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