How to Get the Best Results from Your Restaurant Advertising

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Focus on these three forms of restaurant advertising to get the highest returns on investment (ROI) on your budget.

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Traditionally, restaurants — like the real estate and auto industries — have relied heavily on advertisements in print media. Magazine and newspaper ads or flyers inserted into local publications are ideal for distributing coupons and promoting sales to nearby consumers. But today, these types of publications reach less people than ever as subscription rates continue to plummet.
Direct mail is still a common practice in most industries, and traditionally has had a high success rate for the investment, if sent consistently and repeatedly over time. For most small businesses, though, sending one batch of postcards may seem doable. But strong results typically only occur with multiple sends, driving your budget for printing and postage way up.
Plus, flyers and postcards can easily get lost in the overwhelming amount of junk mail your potential customer receives on a daily basis. And direct mail’s effectiveness is low when not used in combination with a discount or value offer, which may feel like diminishing your overall brand if the price cut is too severe.
The common thread for all of these practices is expense, and the return on investment (ROI) just doesn’t favor smaller businesses anymore.
So, what to do? It’s time to think seriously about the forms of advertising that produce the best results for you. 


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