Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Slow Times

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Five restaurant marketing strategies to fill your revenue gap during the slow times, without impacting your core business.

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You know better than anyone how challenging it can be to have a full staff and plenty of food but an empty dining room— even just for an hour. Your restaurant’s profitability largely depends on a steady stream of customers, and maintaining that steady stream comes down to more than just flipping your sign to open and unlocking the doors.
Figuring out new ways to deal with slow periods is a big part of what it means to be a successful restaurant owner. Your team looks to you to direct their efforts. If you’re a manager, the owner looks to you to increase their bottom line. But identifying profitable ideas that organically build on your existing brand isn’t always easy.
You never want to expand with new opportunities at the expense of your core business — or the relationship with your solid customer base. Finding a way to grow your customer base and not simply shift it to a larger pool temporarily, respects your hard work and success to date. And it will help you maintain trust with your existing diners and staff, too.
With that in mind, we have assembled five tactics restaurant managers can use to expand your profits during slow periods — and thoughts on how to implement each one without undercutting your existing business. 


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