[SOP] Intercontinental Group - Concierge - Luggage storage & retrieval

Chuyên mục sách: Front Office

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Loại hình: Tài liệu

Người chia sẻ: Thich Tam Pham

I expect that the hotel can provide luggage storage, and all my luggage will be handled carefully and stored in the storage room to ensure its safety.

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Why is this task important for you and our guests?    
1. We must provide a prompt and accurate luggage storage service to our guests.
2. Safety is one of the most important issues to our guests; we must make sure their luggage is stored safely.
3. Increase guest satisfaction.
4. Demonstrate my professionalism.
5. Protects ourselves from claims of theft or losing guests luggage if we have a system which is followed by everyone.


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