Big Data and Innovation in Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality: Managerial Approaches, Techniques, and Applications

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Loại hình: Ebook

Người chia sẻ: Thich Tam Pham

This book brings together multi-disciplinary research and practical evidence about the role and exploitation of big data in driving and supporting innovation in tourism.

Miễn phí
It also provides a consolidated framework and roadmap summarising the major issues that both researchers and practitioners have to address for effective big data innovation.
The book proposes a process-based model to identify and implement big data innovation strategies in tourism. This process framework consists of four major parts:
1) Inputs required for big data innovation;
2) Processes required to implement big data innovation;
3) Outcomes of big data innovation;
4) Contextual factors influencing big data exploitation and advances in big data exploitation for business innovation.


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