[SOP] Intercontinental Group - Housekeeping Floor - Changing light bulbs

Chuyên mục sách: Housekeeping

Loại sách: Tài liệu miễn phí

Loại hình: Tài liệu

Người chia sẻ: Thich Tam Pham

I expect to have all lights in my room working. I want to read or work and find it disturbing to have to call Housekeeping to change bulbs late at night.

Miễn phí
Tag : SOP
Why is this task important for you and our guests?    
1. We can increase our GSTS score.
2. I can show my professionalism.
3. I appreciate how irritating it can be when lights are blown.
4. I appreciate the guest wants privacy in the evening and does not want to bother housekeeping to change light bulbs.
5. I know the difference between different watt bulbs and their energy consumption.


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